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Professional Loft Conversions in London

Loft Conversions in London

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If you are looking for a recommended loft conversion company in London who can deliver a completely professional job from start to finish, then look no further.

We have helped hundreds of London home owners to transform their lofts and attics into beautiful new rooms and living spaces. We will gladly give you a free consultation, whether you are looking for a loft conversion in South London, North London, East London or West London.

We may not always be the cheapest loft conversion in London but we pride ourselves on bringing you a high quality service and will ALWAYS offer you a very competitive quote.

Attic Conversion Costs in London

The price of your loft conversion will of course depend on the size of your loft, but rest assured that in 90% of houses, the cost of the work will be far less than the value it will add to your house.

Prices start at around £18,000, and can add up to 35% to the value of your home depending on which area of London you live in.

Loft conversion ideas

transforming your loft space

We specialize in all kinds of conversions from Dormer Roof Conversions, Bungalow conversion, Velux Loft conversion and Mansard conversions.

Our specialists will be more than glad to advise you on the best way to convert your loft, and give you plenty of potential attic conversion ideas.

We have had clients who have created home offices, bedroom suites, bathroom suites, entertainment rooms and even libraries in their loft

One of the most common kind of conversion in London is the Dormer conversion which you will often see on Victorian Terraces. This involves raising one side of a sloped roof and will not require any planning permission.

Velux loft conversions are also very popular, as it is often the most straight forward roofing project if you already have ample space in your roof. These kind of conversions involve installing Velux windows into the existing slopes and does not require any planning permission either.

Where you have restricted space in your loft we can also advise you on the best loft conversion plan for raising your roof, such as a Mansard attic conversion.

Is it possible to get a loft conversion in winter?

Many people wonder if they have to wait till spring and summer before starting a loft conversion.

Although the weather will be inevitably wetter and colder in the winter this does not stop us from carrying out a loft project. We work all year round and ensure that the roof is always protected from the elements.

How long will my attic conversion project take?

The fastest loft conversions take less than 4 weeks but for more major work we estimate no-longer than 7-8 weeks.

We will give you a detailed plan for your loft project work and pride ourselves on being very unobtrusive. We always carry out any building work in a completely professional manner.

Free loft conversion quote

If you are considering the best way to convert your loft, and are looking for more ideas then, please don’t hesitate to give us a call to claim your free consultation and quote.

We offer a 10 year guarantee for any project and our experts are fully insured in the unlikely event of any unexpected damage.

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