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Loft conversions in London still most popular

Posted by in loft conversions on March 3, 2015


Loft conversions were one of the original major home improvements that many Londoners with their old attic spaces took advantage of; and to this day they are still the most popular.  It’s a little over thirty years ago that loft conversions started to become the home improvement of choice, and as a result more and more loft companies have appeared. We are one of them!

Despite bringing a whole new living space experience to a property, the original loft conversions were really quite functional and a little uninspired.

A simple room conversion and a loft ladder was all people tended to go for.

However these days there is a wealth of experience that has been gained by loft architects, builders, planners and project managers that mean that much more creativity can be brought to a loft conversion.

Just take a look this amazing loft conversion in a Notting Hill Chapel  for example:

Whats more, the popularity of London loft conversions seems to be on the rise.

There is good reason for this.

Property prices in the capital have recently risen at an extraordinary rate, which for those who play the property ladder game can mean great financial opportunity. However, there commonly comes a time  when it becomes very difficult for families to buy bigger houses in the area they want to live unless they are moving out of the capital all together.

The solution in many cases is to extend not move, and that is where our services as a loft conversion company in London have been very gladly received.

We have helped numerous families to gain some much needed extra living space, which has allowed them to accommodate a growing family and stay in close proximity to schools, friends, family and community.

It’s always a joy for us to see a loft conversion come to completion and seeing the beaming faces of the children or parents who get the room at the top!

For more information about how we can help you bring extra space to your London home – just give us a call.

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